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My great-grandfather's sister : Georgina Delonnette 1897 - 1954

GEORGINA DELONNETTE  was born circa 1897 in Brighton. (1901 census). Her birth was registered as Georgina Victoria Brown. Her mother, Emily Brown, aged about 30, was working as a servant for her father, Frenchman Alphonse Joseph Delonette, aged about 57, who she later married, but he was still married to wife Phoebe, aged 77, at this point. Big age differences obviously weren't an issue ! Georgina's birth almost coincided with Phoebe's death in August 1897. By the time of Phoebe's death, Emily had had four children (all with Alphonse?) : Joseph Brown, Victor Alphonse Delonnette, Josephine Delonnette and Georgina.

On 1901 census, age 4, Georgina is living with her parents at 13 Queens Road, Hastings. Her father died in 1908 when she was 10. On the 1911 census, a 14-year-old unmarried domestic nursemaid, she is with her widowed mother  at 45 Victoria Avenue, Ore.

On 9th August 1919, she had a son, AUGUSTUS JACK KNOWLES in Hastings. (He died in 1972)

She married JOHN WILLIAM KNOWLES (known as JACK) (1899-1965) in 1923 in Hastings.

On 30th October 1924, they had a daughter, BETTY JOAN  KNOWLES. She died in 2002.

She had a daughter DOREEN M KNOWLES in June 1927, but she sadly passed away a year later, in June 1928.

In October the same year, on October 15th 1928 she had a son, JOHN ARTHUR KNOWLES (1928-2005).

In 1931, she was at her sister WILHEMINA DELONNETTE's marriage to CHARLES MANSER - she is sitting to the right of the bride.

In December 1944, Georgina and Jack are listed amongst the mourners at her mother Emily's funeral.

Hastings Observer, 4th December 1948

Daughter Betty married Idris Harding in December 1948 and her parents' address was listed as 29 Middle Street.

Georgina died in 1954, aged 57. Her address is given as 29 Middle Street

Hastings and St Leonards Observer East Sussex, England

14 Aug 1954

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