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George Sands 1796

GEORGE SANDS was born circa 1796 in Ashburnham, Sussex (but he wasn’t christened there) (source : Joanne Mays Becker).

He married MARY HONEYSETT on 2nd June 1817 in Dallington, Sussex (source : Hellingly Parish Register). The witnesses were John Sands (the groom's older brother or father), Grace Noakes, William Walter (the bride's step-father) and Charlotte Brackpool (source : Joanne Mays Becker). She was the daughter (only child) of JOHN HONEYSETT and ELIZABETH GODDEN. She was born circa 1799 in Dallington (source : 1851 census). Her father was involved in the Lime Burner (he received payments from the Earl of Ashburnham), which could explain how Mary and George met (source : Joanne Mays Becker).

GEORGE SANDS was qualified to vote in 1832 due to “Freehold house and garden” and voted in the poll for Cavendish and Curteis. In 1837, he voted for George Darby Esq and Augustus Elliot Fuller Esq, both of whom were elected (source : Kevin Sands). He lived at Bakers Cottage, whose name changed to The Wickets (source : Joanne Mays Becker). He was a blacksmith in Dallington (source : 1851 census).

MARY SANDS nee HONEYSETT died, age 68, on 16th July 1868 (source : gravestone in Dallington Churchyard) and was buried on 20th July 1868. GEORGE SANDS died on 8th April 1876 in Dallington, Sussex (source : Joanne Mays Becker and Free BMD June quarter 1876 – district Battle vol 2b page 29). He was buried, age 80, on 12th April 1876 in Dallington, Sussex (source : Dallington Parish register). His tombstone reads : “Here lieth the remains of Mary, wife of Georg smith of this parish, who died July 16th 1868 aged 68 years. Also of George Sands, smith who died April 8th 1870 in the 80th year of his age. God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in trouble Psalm XLVI” (source : Penhurst Parish register PAR 441/1/1/3/1/2/6).


1. JOHN SANDS was born 22nd November 1817 in Dallington, Sussex (source : MCC Scores and Biographies Vol VI page 166, 1876 – he gave the information about himself, but lied about his age, shaving five years off!! – source : Joanne Mays Becker) and was christened on 28th December 1817 at Heathfield IC (source : Hellingly Parish Register). He married HARRIET HUNNISETT on 20th April 1840 in Hurstmonceux, Sussex (source : Free BMD – June quarter 1840 : district Hailsham vol 7 page 429 and Pete Hunisett). They were both aged 22 (source : Pete Hunnisett). She was born on 29th June 1817 (source : tombstone inscription), christened on 29th June 1817 at Herstmonceux Congregational Church and was the daughter of WILLIAM HONEYSETT and HARRIET DULY. She died on 22nd July 1848 in Gardner St, Herstmonceux, shortly after Harriet’s birth.

In 1854, John Sands moved away from the area and had various (cricket-related?) jobs in various places before becoming coach and groundsman for Drumpellier Cricket Club, Coatbridge, near Glasgow in 1864 (source : “Dallington, Six Miles from Everywhere, the History of a Sussex Village” by Karen Bryant-Mole). He held this position for twenty-five years (source : “Drumpellier Cricket Club 1850-1906” by John Thomson, pub 1908 by Airdrie, Bairds and Hamilton). In 1874 he was known to have a cricketing shop in Coatbridge (source : Joanne Mays Becker).

He remarried MARY ANN GOBLE on 3rd February 1875 in the Church of St Andrew, Hastings by license (source : Joanne Mays Becker). She was the daughter of WILLIAM GOBLE and CAROLINE HONEYSETT. She was born on 28th April 1833 in Cowbeech, Herstmonceux (source : Herstmonceux IC register). John retired from Drumpellier in 1890 (source : Joanne Mays Becker) and on the 1891 census, was living at The Wickets, Dallington, with his wife Mary (57 Cowbeech) and their granddaughter JESSIE HONISETT (5). On the 1901 census, they were still at The Wickets, Dallington : John (83 Mountfield, retired cricketer) and Mary (67, Sussex not known). He died on 24th December 1902, age 85, at The Wickets, Dallington. The cause of death was given as “cancer of stomach and liver (1 year) and heart failure (10 days)” and attending at the death was Chas. F. Honisett, nephew (source : death certificate). Mary died on 21st April 1915 in Penn Cottage, Gardner St, Herstmonceux, the week before her 82nd birthday (source : death certificate).

John and Harriet had the following children : GEORGE SANDS (born circa 1841 in Dallington), HENRY SANDS (born circa 1841 in Dallington), CHARLES HENRY SANDS (born 1st January 1843, Dallington), WILLIAM LEWIS SANDS (born circa 1844 Dallington), MARY HARRIET SANDS (born circa 1848). John and Mary had the following children : HETTY FRIEND (SANDS) (born circa 1860), ARTHUR JOHN FRIEND (SANDS) (born circa 1862), JOHN SANDS (born 16th June 1876 in Coatbridge, Scotland). (For further generations, contact me for Joanne Mays Becker’s email address.)

2. ELIZABETH SANDS was born/buried (?) on 31st October 1819 and was christened in Dallington (source : Joanne Mays Becker).

3. JANE SANDS was born 14th July 1822 and christened in Dallington, Sussex (source : Hellingly Parish Register). She married JAMES KING on 2nd July 1849 at All Saints Church, Hastings (source : BVRI and birth certificate).

4. MARY HARRIOTT SANDS was born on 9th November 1828 and christened in Dallington (source : Hellingly Parish Register).

5. SARAH ANN SANDS was born on 29th June 1834 and christened in Dallington (source :Hellingly Parish Register). Her daughter MARY ELIZABETH SANDS(?) was christened on 2nd December 1866 in Bodle Street, Sussex (source :Joanne Mays Becker).

6. GEORGE SANDS was born circa 1839 in Dallington (as per 1881 and 1901 census). He married AMELIA ? before 1862(?). She was born in Warbleton, Sussex (source : 1881 and 1901 census) and died on 18th January 1893 in Dallington, Sussex, aged 58. Her death certificate lists her as “wife of George Sands, blacksmith” (source : Joanne Mays Becker). On the 1881 census, George (42, blacksmith) is at Bakers, Dallington (formerly his father George’s home, and later (in 1890) to become his brother John’s home – source : 1881 and 1901 census) with his wife Amelia (46) and their eight children EMMA (15), ROLAND (14), MARY (12 scholar), ELIZABETH (11 scholar), EDWARD (9 scholar), LILLY (7 scholar), LAURA (6 scholar) and KATHARINE (5 scholar) and Joseph J Oliver (18 servant, Bsmith, born Warbleton). They also had the following children who do not show up on the 1881 census: KITTY AMELIA SANDS (born circa 1862), ALFRED HARRY SANDS (born circa 1864) and CAROLINE ANNE SANDS (born circa 1872) (source : Joanne Mays Becker). On the 1891 census, George (52 blacksmith) is with his wife Amelia (55) and two children in Dallington (source : “Dallington, Six Miles from Everywhere”). On the 1901 census, George Sands (widower, 62, farmer own account) is at Forest Row, Dallington (source : RG13 873 82 7 49).

7. CHARLES HENRY SANDS was born circa 1843 (source : 1851 census). He was not found on the 1901 census.

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