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My grandfather : Frederick Walter Albert Bourne 1914 - 1979

FREDERICK WALTER ALBERT BOURNE was born on 7th July 1914 in Hastings (All Saints) (source : short birth certificate). His birth was registered two weeks later on 30th July 1914 (source : short birth certificate ). In 1936, he was working as a bus conductor; in 1937, he was working as a printer(?) for Parsons in Hastings; in 1940, he was living at 89 Whippingham Road, Brighton and 4 Kimberley Road, Brighton and working on a lathe (source : family letters). In 1943, he was living at 59 Upper Lewes Road, Brighton (source : family letters).He operated the West Hill lift in Hastings, as far back as 1947 (first mention of “the lift” in 1938) (source : family letters and newspaper article).

He married BARBARA JOYCE BOOTH on 1st August 1942 at All Souls Church, Hastings. He was a bachelor, age 28, occupation given as munitions worker; she was a spinster, age 23. Both gave their address as 178 Athelstan Road at the time of the wedding (which was their home for the rest of their lives). WALTER ALBERT BOURNE (FREDERICK BOURNE’s father) gave his occupation as baker, BARBARA JOYCE BOOTH gave no father’s name. The witnesses were ALICE KATE ELSIE BURGESS (his cousin, Kate Louisa Heselden nee Sands’ granddaughter) and Norman David Charles Teich (his co-lodger from Brighton) (source : wedding certificate and family letters).

BARBARA JOYCE BOOTH was born on 15th July 1919 in Croydon (at 42 Kemerton Road – as per birth certificate) . She was given up for adoption by her mother, HILDA MAY TODMAN, formerly BOOTH, a maternity nurse, living at 21 Gladstone Road, Croydon (source : birth certificate and family knowledge) and was brought up by the CLARKE family at Isfield.

FREDERICK WALTER ALBERT BOURNE died on 9th April 1979 in Hastings (source : death certificate). BARBARA JOYCE BOURNE nee BOOTH died on 26th June 1986 in Hastings (source : Hastings cemetery). They were both cremated and their ashes scattered on the grave of their daughter, MARION LINDA JOAN DELONNETTE nee BOURNE.

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