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My Great Grandfather : Augustus Delonnette (b 1898 Hastings)

AUGUSTUS DELONNETTE was born in September quarter 1898 in Hastings, Sussex (Free BMD  district Hastings volume 2b page *). gives his date of birth as August 1898. He is scrawled on the end of the birth index register, for some reason !

On the 1901 census, age 2, he is living with his parents Alphonso and Emily (click through to see their page) at 13 Queens Road, Hastings, Sussex. He has a younger sister Wilhelmina, two older sisters Georgina and Josephine, and an older brother, Alphonso. His French father, who was some thirty years older than his mum, died in 1908, when Augustus was just 10 years old.

On the 1911 census, a 12-year-old scholar, he is with his widowed mother and siblings at 45 Victoria Avenue, Ore.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer East Sussex, England

2 Sep 1916

He was in trouble with the law when he was 18 for some schoolboy high jinks ! Hastings and St Leonards Observer East Sussex, England 2 Sep 1916 - BAD BOYS' SUNDAY SPORT. William Wood, 15, Edward Pattenden, 18 and August Dellonnette, 18, were charged with assaulting Frank Bliss, aged 15. The father said his son came home and said that he had been assaulted by the defendants, who fired a catapault at the boy in Ecclesbourne Glen on Sunday afternoon, and when he complained, they went after him and assaulted him again.
Wood had been previously summoned. Wood admitted assaulting the boy. Pattenden said he didn't hit Bliss, but some boys who were with him. Dellannotte said he fired the catapult but did not hit the boy. He did not fire to hit the boy. Pattenden and Delonnette were wearing armlets. The Mayor said the Bench considered the assault a very cowardly one, and defendents would be fined 10s6d each and 2s each costs. Allowed till Saturday to pay. - I may be biased but it sounds like he took the blame for the others really. I bet he got in trouble with his mum though !

 As a young man, he served in the First World War as a Driver in the Royal Field Artillery regiment number 212441 and apparently received a medal for this (source : War Office: Service Medal and Award Rolls Index, First World War, Date 1914-1920 Catalogue reference WO 372/5 Image Reference 246791 / 40480 - index checked, not the document itself).

 He married BEATRICE ELIZABETH PAGE (also known as TRIXIE) in March quarter 1920 in Hastings (source : Free BMD, district Hastings, volume 2b, page 66 ).

 Beatrice was born in Hastings, Sussex on 31st December 1897 (source : death register). Her birth was registered in March quarter 1898 in Hastings (source : Free BMD, district Hastings, volume 2b, page 23).

On the 1939 register, Augustus is in Hastings with William, while Beatrice is in Battle with Jack.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer East Sussex, England

9 Dec 1944

Augustus is listed in the 1948 Hastings directory at 122 St George's Road, Hastings, Sussex.

 Augustus died in 1970 in Hastings (source : death record), and BEATRICE was listed as a widow when she was buried (source : Hastings cemetery). Beatrice died on Thursday June 19th 1986 in hospital in Hastings, Sussex and the funeral was on Thursday 26th June 1986 at 11am at Hastings Crematorium, Sussex (source : Hastings Observer, June 26th 1986, page 45). Her death was registered in June 1986 (district Hastings/R, volume 18, page 1053, source :

Hastings cemetery says she was a widow, aged 88, and her cremated remains were scattered in the Garden of Remembrance, Lawn A.

The children of Augustus Delonnette & Beatrice :




Hastings and St Leonards Observer East Sussex, England

29 Apr 1944

Jack DELONNETTE, born in 1925


Hastings and St Leonards Observer East Sussex, England

21 Jul 1951

 Census returns for AUGUSTUS DELONNETTE 

 1901 census: address : 13 Queens Road, Hastings (later known as Victoria Avenue), Sussex
 Alphonso DELONNETTE age 65 born France
 Emily DELONNETTE wife age 33 born Chichester
Alphonso DELONNETTE son age 9 born Brighton
Josephine DELONNETTE dau age 7 born Brighton
Geogina DELONNETTE dau age 4 born Brighton
Augustus DELONNETTE son age 2 born Hastings
Wichelmina DELONNETTE dau age 2 months born Hastings 

Census returns for BEATRICE PAGE 

 1901 census : Dwelling: 44 Priory Road, St Clements (Halton parish), Hastings, Sussex

ALBERT J PAGE, head, M, 33, navvy, worker, Born Sussex Ore
EMILY G PAGE, wife, M, 30, born Surrey Croydon
MINNIE R PAGE, daur, 5, born Sussex Hastings
BEATRICE E PAGE, daur, 3, born Sussex Hastings
ALBERT J PAGE, son, 1, born Sussex Hastings

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