vendredi 8 avril 2016

Going Back To My Roots - The Blog !

All the way back in 2003, when blogs hadn't been created yet, I started a website on Topcities to trace my quest to uncover my family history. It was called Going Back To My Roots and I had great fun connecting with other people and linking up their research to add to mine. Sadly, Topcities is no more so that blog has disappeared. I do have an offline copy on my old laptop, but I can't access it at the moment, so I'll be starting back at the beginning for now, which is quite exciting (and slightly daunting !)

Please feel free to get in touch if you think you have a connection and want to add something, however small, or make a correction - I see family history very much as a collaborative project ! I really love "fleshing out" the ancestors so I'll be trying to find out little anecdotes and information about the places they lived in.

 In the interests of data privacy, I'll be stopping about 100 years in the past but I do have more info on the more recent generations in my offline files too.

My top free websites for family history research

Free BMD (births, deaths, marriages) :
Free census online :
Free reg - search parish registers :
Familysearch LDS :
Commonwealth war graves commission :
National Archives :

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