lundi 11 avril 2016

My gx7 grandfather : John Sands (b 1703)

JOHN SANDS was born in 1703 in Dallington, Sussex (source : Lee Jacobs and Philip Thompson). He was baptised on 21st January 1703 at St Giles in Dallington,Sussex , to parents William and Mary (source : baptism record)

He married MARY VALENCE on 18th January 1727/8 in Warbleton, Sussex (source : IGI, Batch No.: M042841 Dates: 1559 – 1812 Source Call No.: 0504418 Type: Film Printout Call No.: NONE Type: Sheet: 00 ). She was born in Warbleton, Sussex (source : Philip Thompson).

The children of JOHN SANDS and MARY VALENCE :

WILLIAM SANDS was born circa 1731. He was christened on 27th May 1731 in Dallington,.

JOHN SANDS was born circa 1733, to JOHN SANDS and MARY SANDS nee VALENCE? (source : Joanne Mays Becker ). He was baptised on 9th December 1733 in Warbleton, Sussex (source : Joanne Mays Becker). (Click through to see his page)

 Mary Sands 1735-

 John Sands 1733-1800 (click through to see his page)

 ​ Hannah Sands 1738-

 ​ Sarah Sands 1740-

 Rebekah Sands 1744-

 Bartholemew Sands 1747-1747

 ​ Thomas Sands 1747-1747

 Elizabeth Sands 1748-

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