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My gx2 grandfather : Joseph William Sands (b1853)

Family photo, featuring Mary Ann and Joseph William Sands in the middle. On the right at the back is Edith Grace. On Joseph's knee is presumably son, Joseph, who looks about 10 so the photo must be dated about 1900. The other daughters (Kate, Lois, Alice, Frances) are presumaly the other girls, with their children.)

JOSEPH WILLIAM SANDS was born in 1852 in Ore, Hastings (source : marriage record & 1891/1901 census). His birth was registered in March quarter 1853 in Hastings, Sussex. (Free BMD district Hastings, vol 2b page 19 – ties in with 1881, 1891 and 1901 census ages).

He was a foundry labourer in 1881 (age 28), an ironmonger’s porter in 1891 (age 37) and a carman in 1901 (age 47) and 1912 (on his daughter EDITH GRACE SANDS’ wedding certificate).

On the 1861 census, Joseph was an 8-year-old scholar with his family, headed by father William, a deaf iron & brass moulder, at Britts Passage in Hastings Old Town.

On the 1871 census, Joseph was an unmarried 18-year-old baker's assistant, at 110 All Saints Street, Hastings, with the NEWBERY family. Head of the household was 42-year-old Alfred Newbery, who was a baker.

Mary Ann Sands nee Oak

He married MARY ANN OAK on 27th July 1873 in Hastings. Joseph was 21,  Mary was 23 and Joseph's father was named as William (source : marriage record). Mary Ann was born circa 1855 in Hastings.

On the 1881 census, Joseph is a 28-year-old foundry labourer and the family are all at 6 Zuriel Place, Hastings.

On 1881 census, MARY ANN OAK’s parents, WILLIAM (a bricklayer) and SARAH OAK and their children are living at 6 Providence Row Hastings, Sussex, so JOSEPH WILLIAM SANDS and MARY ANN OAK took over this house some time between 1891 and 1901. In later years, they lived at 17 Hardwicke Road, Hastings, Sussex (source : family letters – could be the same address with a name change?)

He gets a mention in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer, 1 Sep 1883, as : Joseph William Sands, a member of the Salvation Army

Given the address mentioned in the newspaper article (his parents' address, in the 1871/1881 census), he was presumaby the last person to speak to a man who drowned in the sea in 1885, as reported in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer, 10 Oct 1885 :


An inquest was held at the Swan Hotel on Wednesday before the Coroner (Mr C Davenport Jones) on the body of George Richardson, who was drowned whilst bathing at East Well. Mr Begbie was chosen foreman of the jury. Joseph Sands, being sworn, said he was a labourer at the Iron Foundry at East Well and resided at 8 East Hill Passage, All Saints Street. On Friday evening, at about quarter past five o' clock, he saw the deceased turn around the east end of the Fishermen's Church, and go down the beach, accompanied by a dog. Witness again saw him about five minutes later undressed on the beach. He went up to him and asked if he was going to have a bathe. He replied, "Yes, are you ?" Witness said "No, there is too much wind and sea for me" and advised him not to go in. He left him. He went out about five minutes later and saw the deceased in the water. He had not seen him since. He did not hear any cries for help. When witness saw him, he was swimming just outside of the breakers. He afterwards heard that deceased had drowned. He should say that Richardson at the time was under the influence of liquor. In his opinion the sea was too rough for bathing. It was blowing three parts of a gale. [other witnesses give their versions of events] Verdict : Death by accidental drowning

On the 1891 census, Joseph is an ironmonger's porter and the family are all at 5 Providence Row, Hastings (All Saints). 10-year-old Amy is the only child mentioned as a scholar. On the 1901 census, the family are still at Providence Row, this time at number 7 (presumably the same address - unless they moved next door) and Joseph is a carman. Two of the children, Alice and Amy, are working as ironers.

Providence Row, Old Town, Hastings (

Providence Row was situated in The Bourne Walk or The Bourne which was a no thoroughfare, and the area was cleared, sometime around the 1930's, to make way for the connection to what is now known as Old London Road. (source : Hastings Forum).

He is possibly the Joseph Sands who got a ticking off for not sending his children to school, as mentioned in Hastings and St Leonards Observer, 16 Jan 1892 : Joseph Sands was summoned for not sending his son to school. The defendant did not appear. Mr Tendall, clerk to the School Board, said that the case was brought before the board some time ago, when it was stated that the daughter was sent in such a condition that she could not be admitted. Since then there had been a great improvement in the child's condition and attendance, and he would only ask for an attendance order, which was made by the magistrates.

He was in a spot of bother again in 1900, by which time he was working for Mr Freeman. - Hastings and St Leonards Observer , 7 Jul 1900 (With hindsight, I think this is Joseph Jr)


Joseph Sands was summoned for working a horse whilst in unfit state, and William Freeman was summoned for causing it to be so worked.—lnspector Green said the horse (which he saw in charge of Sands) was exceedingly lame in both fore-feet. Subsequently witness saw Freeman, who said : "My man told me it was lame. I wonder what can be the matter with it." Freeman also said he would stop it as soon as it came in. About two hours later witness saw the horse in a lorry at St Leonards. The defendant Sands was with it, and admitted that it was lame, saying that he had told Mr Freeman it was lame when he went back. Witness examined the horse and found the near fore-foot very hot. The horse was unfit for work. PC Mewett said he saw the horse and horse appeared lame. The defendant Freeman said Sands told him the horse limped rather, but he had no idea it was bad, or he would never have sent it out. Sands said the horse went all right when it started. The Chairmen said they did not think the defendants had wantonly ill-treated the horse, and that the case would be dismissed. The costs would be remitted. 

In 1915/1916, Joseph Sands wrote a series of charity request letters to the Magdalen Charity and the Thomas Lasher’s Charity . He quoted the following referees, all from Hastings, Sussex : Mrs S.A. Alderton, Dudley Road ; P.E. Banks, 24 High Street ; Henry Hills, Middle Street (JOSEPH SANDS worked for him at various times, most recently as a night watchman) ; Alf Hickman, Hickman Bros., 14 Castle Street (JOSEPH SANDS was employed for several years at Hastings and St Leonards Ice and Cold Storage Co Ltd) (apparently Hickman in Castle Street was a butcher’s shop – they had farms where they raised their own cattle, sheep and pigs and there was a branch of the family still operating the same kind of store in Hollington, St Leonards, in the 1960’s ) ; F. Jones, 18 Old London Road; John Whicker, 30 High Street (apparently Whickers was a grocery store in High Street).

This could be him (but I think he'd be too old to be sent off to war) or could be Joseph Jr - Hastings and St Leonards Observer, 4 Mar 1916 : Joseph William Sands, beer carbonator, in the employ of Fremlin Brothers, pleaded hardship, and explained that he maintained his father and mother - Conditional exemption was granted.

Poor Mary's final moments were disclosed in Hastings and St Leonards Observer on 10 Jul 1926:

A verdict of death by misadventure was returned by the Borough Coroner (Mr. W. J. Glenister), at an inquest on Mary Ann Sands, aged 76, held at the Workhouse on Monday. Joseph William Sands, husband of deceased, of 17, Hardwicke-road, said his wife had not been able get out of doors for years, but could move about the house. On June 14th, she complained of a pain in her head, but she would not have a doctor, although he asked her to do so. Deceased slept with witness and at about 6.30 next morning, he heard a moaning noise as if she were in pain. Deceased was sitting on the bed and the door was partly open. She did not reply when he spoke to her. As he got out of bed, she suddenly fell to the floor. With the assistance of his grand-daughter, whom he had called down from the next floor, witness was able to get her into bed again. He sent for Dr Cutler who told witness to have his wife taken to the infirmary. She was conveyed there the following day.
Kate Heselden, daughter of deceased, of 22 Hardwicke Road, said she was called to her mother's house on the day of the fall. She was in bed in an unconscious condition.
Dr Lowe, Medical Attendant of the Infirmary, said deceased was unconscious when admitted on the 16th June. He found a severe bruise on her forehead. She died the next morning without regaining consciousness. Witness made a post-mortem examination which revealed haemmorrhage of the brain - the cause of death.All other organs were normal except the heart. Witness considered deceased had a fit.
In recording his verdict, the Coroner expressed sympathy with Mr Sands

Joseph died four years later, in 1930 in Hastings. His death was published in Hastings and St Leonards Observer on 15 Nov 1930.


 KATE LOUISA SANDS was born in 1874 in Hastings. She was christened on 11th October 1874 to parents Joseph and Mary Ann Sands. On the 1881 census, 6-year-old Kate is with her family at 6 Zuriel Place, Hastings. She married JESSE HESELDEN in 1894 in Hastings. (Click through to see her page)

LOIS/LOUISE MARY SANDS born in June quarter 1876 in Hastings, Sussex (Free BMD – district Hastings volume 2b page 22 – listed as Louis Mary, which explains the conflicting Lois/Louise). She was christened on 28th June 1876, All Saints, Hastings, Sussex. On the 1881 census, 4-year-old Louise is with her family at 6 Zuriel Place, Hastings. On the 1891 census, 15-year-old Lois, an unmarried general servant, is with the KNIGHT family at White Rock, Hastings. Head of the house Frances Knight was a lodging house manager.

ALICE A SANDS was born on 11th September 1878 in Hastings (source : BVRI 2d edition and circa 1879 according to 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses – this ties in with a family letter dated 18th August 1942, where she had “just had” her birthday). She was christened on 15th September 1880, All Saints, Hastings, with her sister Frances Amy. On the 1881 census, 2-year-old Alice is with her family at 6 Zuriel Place, Hastings. On the 1891 census, 12-year-old Alice is with her family at 5 Providence Row, Hastings. On the 1901 census, she is a wash/ironer, age 22, living with her parents at 7 Providence Row, Hastings, Sussex. She married either SAMUEL FOOTLAND ELDRIDGE or CHARLES ERNEST PUTLAND in March quarter 1903 in Hastings (Free BMD - district Hastings volume 2b page 15). (There was a MILDRED ELDRIDGE in the family, who ran a dance school so this would be her daughter ?)

AMY FRANCES (or FRANCES AMY) SANDS was born in September quarter 1880 in Hastings, Sussex (Free BMD – district Hastings volume 2b page 29). She was christened as Frances Amy on 15th September 1880, All Saints, Hastings, Sussex, with her sister Alice Ann. On the 1881 census, 8-month-old Amy is with her family at 6 Zuriel Place, Hastings. On the 1891 census, 10-year-old  Amy is with her family at 5 Providence Row, Hastings.  On the 1901 census, she is an ironer, age 20, living with her parents at 7 Providence Row. She married ALFRED ? and had a son RON (source : family letters). She lived at 7 Whitefriars, Hastings, Sussex then moved to 48b Chiltern Drive, Hastings, Sussex, “on the new Broomgrove estate, just up from where Tin Town used to be” (source : family letters).
She died in 1946, aged 65. Her husband, Alfred H Miles, was still alive

Hastings and St Leonards Observer East Sussex, England

29 Jun 1946

EDITH GRACE SANDS was baptised on 20 June 1888 in Hastings. On the 1891 census, 2-year-old Edith is with her family at 5 Providence Row, Hastings.  (Click through to see her page.)

JOSEPH WILLIAM SANDS was born on 22 August 1890 in Hastings, Sussex (1891 and 1901 censuses – also a family letter in 1971 says that Uncle Joe is 81). He was christened on 15th October 1890 at All Saints Church, Hastings, Sussex (source : BVRI 2d edition). On the 1891 census, 7-month-old Joseph is with his family at 5 Providence Row, Hastings. On the 1901 census, a scholar, age 10, he is living with his parents at 7 Providence Row, Hastings, Sussex. This could be his father (but I think he'd be too old to be sent off to war) or could be Joseph Jr - Hastings and St Leonards Observer, 4 Mar 1916 : Joseph William Sands, beer carbonator, in the employ of Fremlin Brothers, pleaded hardship, and explained that he maintained his father and mother - Conditional exemption was granted. He married VICTORIA ALICE MAUDE BRANN (known as Maud  b. 16 Mar 1896, Wittersham, Kent, d. 05 May 1968, Bennenden, Kent). They had four sons, BRIAN, PHIL, ALAN and GEOFFREY WILLIAM. Joseph served in World War I (in Mesopotamia, in 1918; on active service in Baghdad on November 12th 1919 - source : family letters). He also served in Chanak, Dardanelles at one point (source : family letters). In 1920, he was at Stubben Edge Hall, Ashover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, which was being used as a convalescent home for soldiers after the war (source : family letters). For the second world war, Uncle Joe and Brian were in Chippenham with “Aunt Maude” (source : family letter, dated 1940). Geoffrey did not see his father until he was 3 years old, having been born in May 1917 [family memoir]. There’s a reference to “Aunt Maud and Uncle Joe” in a letter dated 1947, so presumably they were both still alive at this time, and a reference to Uncle Joe in 1971. Joseph William Sands died 15 April 1982 in St Helen’s hospital in Hastings.

Census returns

1861 census :
Piece: RG9/562 Place: All Saints -Sussex Enumeration District: 2
Civil Parish: All Saints Ecclesiastical Parish: All Saints
Folio: 30 Page: 5 Schedule: 33
Address: Britts Passage

SurnameFirst name(s)RelStatusSexAgeOccupationWhere BornRemarks
SANDSWilliamHeadMM50Iron & Brass Moulder Sussex - Dallington Disability: Deaf
SANDSAnnWifeMF37Sussex - Hastings
SANDSJohnSonUM23Laborer Sussex - Dallington
SANDSWilliamSon-M17Appr Sussex - Winchelsea
SANDSRose CarolineDaur-F9Scholar Sussex - Hastings
SANDSJosephSon-M8Scholar Sussex - Hastings
SANDSMary AnnDaur-F6Scholar Sussex - Hastings
 Page: 30/6SANDSSamuel FSon-M4Scholar Sussex - Ore
SANDSDorcas EDaur-F2Scholar 

1871 census :
Piece: RG10/1028 Place: All Saints 2A -Sussex Enumeration District: 3
Civil Parish: All Saints Ecclesiastical Parish: All Saints
Folio: 56 Page: 10 Schedule: 51
Address: 110 All Saints Street

SurnameFirst name(s)RelStatusSexAgeOccupationWhere BornRemarks
NEWBERYAlfredHeadMM42Baker Sussex - Hastings
NEWBERYKeziaWifeMF41Sussex - Salehurst
NEWBERYEmmaDauUF14Scholar Sussex - Hastings
NEWBERYArthurSonUM8Scholar Sussex - Hastings
NEWBERYJessieDauUF6Scholar Sussex - Hastings
NEWBERYLouisaDauUF1Sussex - Hastings
SANDSJosephServntUM18Baker's Assistant Sussex - Hastings
CRAMPGeorgeServntUM15Errand Boy Kent - Benenden

1881 census

Address :6 Zuriel Place, Hastings

Joseph SANDS, M, 28, M, foundry labourer, Hastings, Sussex, England

Mary A. Sands, M, 30, F, Hastings, Sussex, England

Kate L. Sands, 6, F, Hastings, Sussex, England

Louise M. Sands, 4, F, Hastings, Sussex, England

Alice A. Sands, 2, F, Hastings, Sussex, England

Frances A. Sands, 8m, F, Hastings, Sussex, England

Ten years later, here they are again, living at 5 Providence Row, Hastings:

Joseph Sands, head, M, 37, ironmonger's porter, employed

Mary A Sands, wife, M, 39

Alice Sands, dau, single, 12

Amy Sands, dau, 10, scholar

Edith Sands, dau, 2

Joseph Sands, son, 7 months

 1891 census ( fiche of enumerator's script - RG12 0759 Folio 52(1) )
 address : 5 Providence Row, Hastings (All Saints)

Joseph SANDS, head, married, 37, ironmonger's porter, employed
Mary A SANDS, wife, married, 39
Alice SANDS, dau, single, 12
Amy SANDS, dau, 10, scholar
Edith SANDS, dau, 2
Joseph SANDS, son, 7 months
All born Hastings

 1901 census :
 address : 7 Providence Row, Hastings

 Joseph SANDS age 47 carman born Hastings
Mary A SANDS, wife, 50 born Hastings
Alice A SANDS, dau, 22 ironer born Hastings
Amy F SANDS, dau 20 ironer born Hastings
Edith G SANDS, dau 12 born Hastings
Joseph W SANDS, son 10 born Hastings

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