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My gx2 grandfather : Frederick William Booth b1853

FREDERICK WILLIAM BOOTH was born circa 1853 in Wimbledon Surrey.

He married Jane ? in 1874. She was born circa 1852 in Essex.

On the 1901 census,  he was a 48-year-old domestic coachman with his wife and children at 6 Tavistock Grove, Croydon.

On the 1911 census,  he was a 58-year-old Italian warehouseman with his wife and children at 18a Lower Addiscombe  Road, Croydon.

The children of Frederick William Booth  :

Albert William Booth was born circa 1882 in  Storwood Surrey. He had a grocer's shop in Croydon.  He died in 1933.

Louise Margery Booth was born circa 1890 in  Croydon Surrey.

Alfred Harold Booth was born circa 1891 in  Croydon Surrey. Click through to see his page.

Census returns for Frederick William Booth :

1901 census :
address - 6 Tavistock Grove, Croydon

Frederick W Booth, 48, head, married, coachman domestic, born Wimbledon Surrey
Jane Booth, wife, 49, born Essex Sosh Hill
Albert W Booth, 19, son, single, warehouseman, born Storwood Surrey
Louise M Booth, daughter, 11, born Croydon Surrey
Alfred Harold Booth, 9, son, born Croydon Surrey

1911 census :
address - 18a Lower Addiscombe Road Croydon

Frederick William Booth, 58, head, married, Italian warehouseman, born Wimbledon Surrey
Jane Booth, wife, 59, born Essex Stanford Rivers, year of marriage 1874 (married 37 years), children born 6, still living 6
Louise Margery Booth, daughter, single, 21, born Croydon Surrey
Alfred Harold Booth, 19, son, single, printer's clerk, born Croydon Surrey

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