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My gx5 grandfather : John Sands b1757

JOHN SANDS was born circa 1757 in Dallington, Sussex. He was christened on 30 November 1760 in Dallington, Sussex.

He married AVIS BETTS on 19 April 1782 in Dallington.

They had a daughter CHARLOTTE SANDS who was born in 1782 and died in 1783

 He married ANN BARNES on 29 March 1787 in Dallington, Sussex.

Just three months after the wedding, his mother Elizabeth died.

By 1797, the family had fallen on hard times. There is a Removal order from Ashburnham (Reference: PAR233/32/2/40) for John Sands, his wife Ann and children John (8 years), Mary (7 years), Silas (5 years), James (3 years) and George (1 year) back to Dallington, dated 2nd May 1797.

A matter of months before the family was settled, Hannah BARDEN had given birth to John's illegitimate child, Henry BARDEN, in Ashburnham.  She married Edward STONESTREET- John's nephew (whose mother Mary was the sister of John's first wife, Avis BETTS), in 1803.

 Shortly after their settlement, Ann gave birth to twins, Thomas and Joseph, and all three were buried at Dallington.

 John probably lived in Dallington with his father, a widower since the death of his wife Elizabeth nee MARTIN in 1787, and sister Mary who lived at Old Manor House. John Sr ( had lived there since 1772.John Jr (1757) then rented it until his son James assumed the lease in 1817. This arrangement continued until 1851 so the house was in the SANDS family for about eighty years.

 He died in  1812 in Dallington

 The children of JOHN SANDS and AVIS BETTS :

Charlotte Sands 1782-1783

 The children of JOHN SANDS and ANN BARNES :

John Sands 1788-
Mary Sands 1789-1807
 Silas Sands 1791-1864
 James Sands 1793-
 George Sands 1796- (click through to see his page)
​ Joseph Sands 1797-
 ​ Thomas Sands 1797-

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