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My great-grandmother's sister : KATE LOUISA SANDS (b1874)

KATE LOUISA SANDS was born in September quarter 1874 in Hastings, Sussex (Free BMD – district Hastings volume 2b page 20). She was christened on 11th October 1874 in All Saints Church, Hastings, to parents Joseph and Mary Ann Sands.

On the 1881 census, she is a scholar, age 6, living with her parents at 6 Zuriel Place, Hastings, Sussex. On the 1891 census she is no longer at her parents' home

She married JESSE HESELDEN in December quarter 1894, in Hastings, Sussex (Free BMD – district Hastings, vol 2b page 78). The marriage took place on Christmas Day, 25th December, 1894 at Christchurch, Ore, Sussex (source : wedding certificate). It was a wedding after banns, carried out by the vicar Charles Ough (source : wedding certificate). The witnesses were Joseph Sands (the bride's father, her brother Joseph was only 4 years old!) and Hester Maria Heselden (the groom's sister) (source : wedding certificate). Jesse was a 22 year old Bachelor and a Labourer, son of Jesse Heselden, Bricklayer and Kate Louisa was a 20 year old Spinster, daughter of Joseph Sands, Carman (same as on her sister Edith Grace Sands' marriage certificate) (source : wedding certificate). Both were resident at 1 Willow Cottages, Ore, Sussex (source : wedding certificate). They all signed their names (source : wedding certificate).

JESSE HESELDEN was born in September quarter 1872 in Hastings, Sussex (Free BMD – district Hastings volume 2b page 15). On the 1881 census, he was a scholar, age 8, living with his parents JESSE (bricklayer) and MARIA JANE HESELDEN and their other children at Red Lake, 2 Toronto Terrace, Ore, Hastings, Sussex. He was a plasterer (source : Hastings cemetery).

 From family memoirs : "Aunt Kate was married to Uncle Jesse or Jasper. He was a master plasterer and lightly skilled in the art of ornamental plaster work. He was hugely responsible for the Cinema De Lux ceiling. He earned good money when he worked, unfortunately he always drank and Aunt Kate had also to work to feed the family. She was a collar ironer and dress shirt finisher at a laundry in Bexhill Road. She had a three mile walk each way. Uncle Jesse was also a poacher. He had a collection of poacher’s guns and other things. I have already mentioned the rabbits that came our way. I do not think he was ever caught-no whiff of scandal attached to the family name."

 On the 1901 census, KATE HESELDEN (nee SANDS), married, age 26, is living at 1 Rose Cottages, Oakfield Road, St Helens, Hastings, Sussex with ALICE K HESELDEN, her 4 month old daughter (born Ore, St Helens, Hastings, Sussex). Jesse isn’t listed (where was he?) but there is PHILIP B MAYERS, nephew, age 2, born Broadstairs, Kent and Emma Heselden, age 13, sister-in-law.

They had a daughter, ALICE K HESELDEN in 1905.  There are a number of Heselden babies who died in Hastings, Sussex between 1894 (when they married) and 1901 (the birth of Alice), so it is possible that some of these were Kate and Jesse's children. Notably there is a listing for HORACE JESSE HESELDEN (born in June quarter 1895 and died in September quarter 1895 - source : Free BMD) and JESSE/JESSIE HESELDEN (born and died in December quarter 1896 - source : Free BMD).

Kate & Jesse took in Fred Bourne, son of Kate's sister Edith Grace, when both of his parents died in 1918, leaving him an orphan at age 4. No idea where 12-year-old Mabel, his sister, ended up though.

Jesse actually got in trouble with the law in 1907 because of his drinking. (Hastings and St Leonards Observer, 12 Jan 1907

Kate was present at her mother, Mary Ann Sands née Oak's death in 1926, as disclosed in Hastings and St Leonards Observer on 10 Jul 1926:

A verdict of death by misadventure was returned by the Borough Coroner (Mr. W. J. Glenister), at an inquest on Mary Ann Sands, aged 76, held at the Workhouse on Monday. Joseph William Sands, husband of deceased, of 17, Hardwicke-road, said his wife had not been able get out of doors for years, but could move about the house. On June 14th, she complained of a pain in her head, but she would not have a doctor, although he asked her to do so. Deceased slept with witness and at about 6.30 next morning, he heard a moaning noise as if she were in pain. Deceased was sitting on the bed and the door was partly open. She did not reply when he spoke to her. As he got out of bed, she suddenly fell to the floor. With the assistance of his grand-daughter, whom he had called down from the next floor, witness was able to get her into bed again. He sent for Dr Cutler who told witness to have his wife taken to the infirmary. She was conveyed there the following day.
Kate Heselden, daughter of deceased, of 22 Hardwicke Road, said she was called to her mother's house on the day of the fall. She was in bed in an unconscious condition.
Dr Lowe, Medical Attendant of the Infirmary, said deceased was unconscious when admitted on the 16th June. He found a severe bruise on her forehead. She died the next morning without regaining consciousness. Witness made a post-mortem examination which revealed haemmorrhage of the brain - the cause of death.All other organs were normal except the heart. Witness considered deceased had a fit.
In recording his verdict, the Coroner expressed sympathy with Mr Sands

Jesse died on 25th January 1938, aged 65. The family were still living at 22 Hardwicke Road, as at the time of Mary Ann's death. His funeral was reported in Hastings and St Leonards Observer, 29 Jan 1938 : 

DEATH OF MR. J. HESELDEN. The death of Mr. Jesse Heselden occurred at the Municipal Hospital on Thursday last week at the age of 65. Mr. Heselden lived 22. Hardwicke-road, Hastings, and was a plasterer by trade. The funeral took place at the Borough Cemetery on Tuesday, the Reverend EJH Walker officiating. The immediate mourners were : Mrs Heselden (widow), Mr & Mrs Burgess (son-in-law & daughter), Mr & Mrs Smith (son-in-law & daughter), Mr F Bourne (adopted son), Miss Burgess (granddaughter), Mr M Heselden (brother), Mrs Aderson (sister), Mr F Heselden (brother), Mr H Cosson (brother-in-law), Mr & Mrs Sands (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mrs Eldridge (sister-in-law). Among those at the cemetery were : Mr T Hilder (Mr Heselden's employer), Mr Hooper (representing the National Association of Plasterers) and Mr Vidler. Floral tributes were received as follows : heart, from the widow; harp, Elsie & Jack; wreath, Maisie & George; wreath, Fred & Girlie; wreath, Mark & family: wreath, Fred & family; wreath, Emma & Bert; spray, Alice & the girls; spray, Lois; spray, Joe, Maud & family; wreath, Horace & family, Bob & Anne; wreath, Mr AT Hilder; wreath, his fellow workers; wreath, Hastings branch NAOP; cross, Mrs Smith & Mr Turner; cross, Mr & Mrs Doodes; wreath, Mr & Mrs Errey & friends at "The Fortune of War"; wreath, Bradfords; spray, Mr & Mrs Pankhurst; spray, Mrs Lancaster & family. Mrs Heselden and family desire to thank all friends for the kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes received; also the doctor and nurses of the Hastings Municipal Hospital for their kindness. The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Messrs WE Hinkley and Sons, 52 Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings

In September 1940, Kate, Elsie (her daughter) and Joan (her granddaughter) had moved to Somerset (between Frome and Bath) on voluntary evacuation (source : family letters).

In August 1942, Kate was at Fred's wedding (Hastings and St Leonards Observer, 8 Aug 1942)

KATE LOUISA HESELDEN, a widow aged 80 years, died in April 1957 (source : Hastings cemetery). She was buried in the same grave as her husband JESSE HESELDEN, plot ME H27, on 9th April 1957 (source : Hastings cemetery). This is confirmed in a family letter, which states : “Auntie Kate passed away at 9.10am on April 5th 1957. The burial is on Tuesday 9th April.”


ALICE KATE ELSIE HESELDEN (or ELSIE) was born in December quarter 1900 in Hastings, Sussex (Free BMD - district Hastings volume 2b page 13).  ALICE went by the name of ELSIE HESELDEN (her second middle name), and she was living at 26 Bourn Walk, High Street, Hastings, Sussex, some years later (source : address on an envelope). (There is also a letter adressed to Kate Heselden (her mother) at 6 Providence Row, Bourne Walk so this is presumably the same house.) She married JACK BURGESS before 1942 (she was already using her married name at FREDERICK WALTER ALBERT BOURNE (Edith Grace Sands’ son) and BARBARA JOYCE BOOTH’s wedding on 1st August 1942, where Alice Kate Elsie Burgess was one of the witnesses – source : wedding certificate). They had a daughter JOAN BURGESS (also known as Girlie). In 1940, Elsie and Joan (with Kate) went to Somerset (between Bath and Frome) on voluntary evacuation, where Joan found a job (source : family letters).

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